About Us


Planting Life Haiti, or Plante Lavi Ayiti in Haitian Creole, is a Christian non-profit foundation based in BC, Canada, whose aim is to collaborate with Haitian farmers to improve agricultural practices in Haiti, working towards a sustainable future. We provide resources, training, education, and support to farming communities, showing the love of Jesus through our acts of love and service.

We also lead Bible lessons for young children and teenagers, where we share the love and teachings of Jesus, encouraging people to accept Jesus as their saviour.

In our acts and words, we strive to honour Jesus and to make him known to others.

Our desire is to “plant life,”  be it spiritual, agricultural, or educational. Through prayer, teaching, working, and serving, the Planting Life Haiti Foundation desires to help people see Jesus in everything we do.

Who are the primary people we are reaching out to?

The local farming community in Désarmes, Haiti

What we’re working on right now

 Monitoring drip irrigation systems installed on several fields in Désarmes, Haiti.
 Working with farmers to plant and monitor crops on several fields, using drip irrigation systems.
• Planning a short-term trip with volunteers and drip irrigation specialists, in which Bible lessons will be shared with kids in schools and at a local orphanage, training will occur with farmers, drip irrigation systems will be introduced and set up in various fields, clothing and other resources will be distributed to residents of Désarmes.

•Providing discussion and training sessions for local educators in the areas of worldview and teaching strategies and practices

• Visioning for the future, including thinking of long-term plans and goals, and how to best come alongside Haitian farmers to improve agricultural practices.