May 2018 -We have had a productive spring. Fields have been producing well, and the rains have come. We have enjoyed working with teachers, leading teacher development sessions over the last few months. We started a Bible study group at the Plante Lavi guest house in January, which has been meeting weekly until the present time. These meetings have been a blessing to all who are involved.

November 2017 -Farming, farming, farming! We have been busy harvesting sweet potatoes, tapioca, and papaya. Workers recently planted many new seeds, including tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant. We’re helping increase food production in Haiti.

July 2017 -We hosted a successful fundraiser dinner in Abbotsford, BC, on June 28, 2017. Plante Lavi would like to thank our many generous donors who are helping us to achieve our financial goals for the year.

Dec. 2016-Jan. 2017


Planting Life Haiti completed a successful service trip with 8 volunteers. Some of the trip’s activities included:

  • planting a 3-acre field of plantains and setting up a drip system on the field -many Haitian kids and volunteers joined in to plant and set up the drip lines. It was awesome to work together with local volunteers. Volunteer kids received colouring books with Haitian Creole Bible verses, clothes, and shoes. They were very excited!
  • teaching Bible lessons to kids from a local kids’ club. About 30 kids came out to 5 different lessons, where biblical truths were taught, and other activities reinforced main ideas.
  • distributing about 40 kids’ Bibles in Creole, to kids’ club members and neighbours.
  • visiting and praying with Désarmes residents, taking gift packs of donations that were on a container sent in 2016.
  • installing a new solar panel system in the guest house. One system was up and running before the team left.
  • installing 2 new toilets on the main floor of guest house.
  • installing tiles and plumbing for 2 bathrooms upstairs in guest house.
  • going on a 5-hour hike to discover the major water source for the Désarmes area – a beautiful trek through the mountains and fields.
  • going on a river boat across the Artibonite River.
  • visiting several fields where previous drip irrigation projects had begun.

We are thankful to God for safety, health, and a successful trip. We look forward to future trips, and are blessed to have been a part of this experience. God is faithful, and he will continue to guide us along the path he has for us to serve farming communities in Haiti.