About Us

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Planting Life Haiti (PLH), or Plante Lavi Ayiti in Haitian Creole, is a Christian non-profit foundation that operates in the farming community of Désarmes in the Artibonite river valley of Haiti. PLH shares the love of Jesus with the people of Désarmes via collaborative efforts in agriculture, job creation, education, and resource development. PLH desires to “plant life” spiritually, educationally, and agriculturally, moving towards a sustainable future.

Planting Life Haiti Non-Profit Christian Foundation

The Artibonite river valley, geographically central, is Haiti’s agricultural hub, producing much of the country’s food. The majority of families living in Désarmes depend on farming for their livelihood. The ripple effect of farming is multifaceted. Families have food to eat; jobs support families; and people have purpose. PLH comes alongside farmers to work towards a higher quality of life and a sustainable future. PLH provides jobs through various farming projects, while simultaneously growing food for local markets. This involves acquiring land to be farmed, providing training, tools, resources, and support, growing and harvesting crops, transporting goods to market, and creating new and innovative solutions for current farming obstacles.

Another way PLH works towards a sustainable future in Haiti is through education. PLH provides teacher training to local teachers in Désarmes, offering sessions, workshops, and ongoing training to in-service teachers. PLH provides education through Vacation Bible School (VBS) activities for kids, English as a Second Language courses, and through an Agricultural Bursary Program that PLH provides for high school students in Désarmes.

Planting Life Haiti seeks to walk with the people of Haiti, as Jesus would have; to love and serve; and to provide for those with less and in need. The opportunities present in Haiti are abundant. The people are able and willing and open to collaborate. The stories of growth and success are motivating. The people and the stories of God in their lives are what drives PLH to continue down the path towards hope and sustainability.