Agricultural Bursary Program

Agriculture Bursary Program Haiti

Planting Life Haiti runs an Agricultural Bursary Program for local high school students in financial need. Twelve students participate in weekly agricultural learning and practice sessions, in return for a financial bursary that helps to pay their high school tuition. Students learn practical knowledge and skills for crop production. They can apply this knowledge to help provide food for their families and community. PLH is very pleased to provide this education and financial support for these students and their families.


Teacher Professional Development

Haiti Teacher Professional Development

Planting Life Haiti believes that transforming education transforms a nation. We envision an education system that follows Christ’s principles of love, compassion, service, kindness, and truth. We equip teachers with teaching strategies that involve active participation in the classroom. We host discussions and training sessions about worldview, challenging teachers to question what we teach and how we teach. We pursue transformational education, connecting education with students’ hearts, minds, and actions. Planting Life hosts seminars, discussion groups and training sessions with teachers in Désarmes. It is an honour to work with these teachers towards the goal of transforming education in Haiti.